Government entity defense involves a wide range of cases involving varying causes of actions. Included within this category are wrongful termination, sexual harassment, civil rights, jail injury, and death cases, police false arrest, malicious prosecution, and excessive force cases, and government employee caused injury cases. Our Firm is well versed in how to successfully defend allegations of Civil Rights violations, allegations against Universities and Colleges, as well as government employees. Williams & Towe has defended hundreds of these types of cases for twenty plus years resulting in successful trial verdicts and dismissals on behalf of our clients.

Governmental defense is a complex area of law and requires representation from attorneys with a firm grasp of immunities and how they apply in differing cases involving various governmental entities, such as sovereign immunity, governmental immunity, official immunity, qualified official immunity, etc. . . Case law is ever changing in this area and our Firm has a significant track record of successful representation of government entities both as a whole and individually. Our Firm is well versed in ministerial duties v. actions that are taken in an official capacity, as well as polices and procedures and whether a Jail or entity has adopted same. We routinely utilize jail experts and have been successful not only at the trial court level but also on multiple Kentucky and Federal Circuit Court appeals.