Our Firm has been defending claims of professional negligence for many years. We have developed a reputation for defending the most complex cases involving all aspects of alleged medical negligence in almost every field of medicine. We have also been successful in matters involving emergent care and hospital policy as it applies to medical care and nursing. We have handled proceedings at both the federal and state level, as well as before appellate courts. We also negotiate and mediate settlements for our professional clients. Our Firm also provides proactive advice to clients in the effort to avoid claims and litigation before they occur.

On occasion, and where the claims are meritorious, the Firm has involved itself on the plaintiff side of litigation on medical malpractice cases. These cases have resulted in very significant settlements on the firm’s behalf. Areas in which the Firm has obtained particular expertise include cases involving the negligent and fraudulent use of unnecessary heart stents, the negligent use and placement of heart pacemakers, severe orthopedic surgical injuries, among many others. These sorts of cases require the Firm to not only analyze the initial facts and medical records, but to work with and obtain the experts in the various fields relating to the type of injury. As a result, the Firm has retained cardiologists, internists, emergency room experts, and orthopedic experts in their efforts to prove their claims. With this background and from a plaintiff’s vantage point, the Firm has acquired extensive experience with the techniques and tactics successfully used by the defense counsel to counter Plaintiff’s arguments.