Subrogation is generally the last part of the insurance claims process. In most cases, the insured person hears little about it. It is something that generally happens between insurance companies. However, there are many situations where an insurer may choose to subrogate against the tortfeasor that caused the insurer to suffer a financial loss to begin with. When this happens, Our Firm can step in and assist an insurer in maximizing their recovery while navigating the complexities of Kentucky caselaw and statutes. Our Firm is well versed in many of the tools available under Kentucky law to insurers seeking a subrogation recovery and can help your company realize the full potential of their claim.

Our Firm has over 50 combined years of experience in handling hundreds of subrogation issues. Over the years the Firm has handled multiple high exposure recovery cases and has helped our clients recoup substantial sums from various tortious parties. We have helped suspend the drivers licenses of responsible tortfeasors once we have an obtained a judgment against them arising out of a motor vehicle accident, we have garnished wages, attacked bank accounts, recorded liens, and used every recovery tool available and legally allowable under Kentucky Law while also being compliant with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Many of our clients have paid PIP benefits, property damage benefits, and/or Workers Compensation benefits and our firm has both the skillset and experience to help accomplish our client’s recovery goals.